Pressure Plus


1-step beautiful natural wood tone for all kinds of pressure treated lumber.

Transform green pressure treated lumber to a beautiful natural wood or enhance the natural tone of brown pressure treated lumber.

Horizontal and vertical wood surfaces | Decks, balconies and fences | New and old pressure treated wood

Available in 1 US gallon containers.


  • Transforms green pressure treated lumber to a beautiful natural wood or weathered gray tone
  • Enhances the natural tone of brown pressure treated lumber or transforms it to a beautiful weathered gray tone
  • Enhances gray toned pressure treated lumber
  • Easy 1-step application
  • VOC compliant, environmentally friendly
  • Translucent
  • Ideal for both new and existing pressure treated wood surfaces
  • Penetrating protection
  • Reduces water absorption
  • Reduces swelling of wood
  • Water repellent, breathable
  • UV resistant
  • Ready to use
  • Clean up with soap and water


Regular, Light or Gray





pH, (approx.)



15-18 seconds Z #2



Freezing Point

-1ºC (31ºF)





Drying Time @ 20ºC (68ºF) 18% M.C

24 Hours

Drying Time between applications @20ºC (68ºF)

12-24 Hours

Coverage Pending to Penetration

250-350 sq ft/ US Gal

VOC (g/L)

Actual 48/Regulatory 212

*More detail available in the Product Data Sheet


  • Inspect wood surfaces for defects and make any necessary repairs.
  • Use the appropriate Sansin wood cleaner and/or wash the entire surface with a minimum 3000 PSI pressure washer using clean water and proper technique. Be careful not to erode the surface.
  • For best results and a smooth level surface, sand the surface area well with a 60-80 grit paper using a random orbital sander.
  • Follow by power washing, vacuuming or using compressed air for proper cleaning. Surface must be clean, free from dust, dirt, grease, wax or any existing coatings.


  • Always flood surface to the penetrating point of saturation.
  • Dipping.
  • Brushing.
  • Flood coating.
  • Spraying – hand or automated spraying (low pressure or airless).


  • Stir well before and during the application process.
  • Test formula on an inconspicuous wood surface to ensure proper color and penetration.
  • Apply in proper conditions with an ideal temperature of 21°C (70°F) and relative humidity of approximately 50%.
  • Do not apply if rain or near freezing temperatures are expected.
  • Saturate the wood surface (5-6 wet mils).
  • Do not apply on wood that is warm to touch.
  • Continually check the surface; brush out all puddles and runs.
  • Always read published directions for use prior to beginning any project.


Horizontal surfaces require maintenance every 2-4 years. Maintenance is necessary when the surface shows signs of wear, such as fading or heavy moisture absorption. Maintaining your wood on a regular basis will ensure long-lasting color retention, exceptional dimensional stabilization and effective water repellency. Periodically, clean the wood surface with a power washer or Sansin Multi-Wash to remove dirt and residue. How frequently maintenance coats are required will depend on the quality of prior preparation, quality of application and exposure levels. If fading or erosion is evident, prepare wood by using a power washer to lightly clean the wood surface; or use Sansin Multi-Wash. Then re-apply one maintenance coat of Pressure Plus according to instructions. Exposure, workmanship and color will affect the performance of the coating.


Shelf Life when stored in ideal conditions is 18 months. Store at a temperature of between + 10ºC and + 30ºC (50ºF and 86ºF). Keep containers tightly closed.

All prices are in US dollars